Wednesday, January 23, 2013

30 - 30 Challenge - Day 22

To my FACEBOOK group:  I've been knocked off of the FB account for "security reasons."  My dinosaur cell phone won't accept text messages from FB so they say they are unable to verify my identity.   Anyway, I will miss you guys & hope you're all able to finish the challenge.

Oil with Palette Knife - 6 X 6 - Sold

Well, the challenge is winding down. Think I'll be doing a few more wine bottles. 

I have a small stash left over from the holidays, and may head out to wine country to pick up a few more bottles - for reference material, that is.


  1. This is really beautiful Chris, and it is making me thirsty! I tried inviting you back but your gamil address is not working. By the way I never tied FB with my cell and I still get on.( I don't think they need my number) I had problems with getting to my email, then yesterday it was suddenly fine. I am going to try linking your pic to the group.

  2. Oh, thank you Claire. Really appreciate it.

    And thanks Gloria, for the comment and the effort. What a mess with this FB stuff!

  3. Aww shoot Chris! Dumb FB! I've used my home phone before and I got this automated voice text from FB lolol.

    Love the wine bottles! We can keep in touch via blogs!

  4. You inspire me to go out and find exciting things to photograph and then bring share them with others.

  5. Hey Kelly, I tried with the phone and did not get a voice text. Good suggestion though. And thanks for the comments here and on FB. Looking forward to keeping in touch via blogs!

  6. Stephen, Wow - what a beautiful compliment. Thank you.