Friday, January 4, 2013

30 - 30 Challenge - Day 3

Oil with Palette Knife - 6 X 6

Painting lesson learned:  Don't let the paint get sticky and then try to go back into it.

Opinion on daily painting:  Well, I believe my skills will improve - no doubt.   That, by itself, is reason enough to continue.

I'm not liking painting and posting the same day because I usually don't catch mistakes on the painting right away.  Hopefully daily painting will remedy that.


  1. Do you use a medium when you use the knife? Because my paint seems very very loose (not sticky). Maybe that is why yours look so much smoother and controlled(amazing talent aside). I have so much to learn...

  2. Gloria, I'm using left over water miscible oils that I bought for Leslie Saeta's workshop. I do not use medium.

    One of the reasons she likes to use them is because they wash off your hands and clothes with soap and water - until they dry, at least. I really think they dry a lot faster than regular oils. I've used regular oils with the knife prior to the challenge and have noticed a difference.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the compliment. Using the knife is the same as using a brush - you just gotta practice. Trust me, I still wipe out just as many times as I do when I use a brush.

    I'm gonna switch media before this is over. Maybe some watercolor. If I get any time, a batik or two.

  4. Wonderful palette knife work....glad to see you on the 30-30 Challenge!