Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 - 30 Challenge - Day 9

Oil with Palette Knife - 6 X 6

This painting was taken from a photo of a costumed gentleman playing the violin at the Voyageurs Encampment at Lake St. Clair, Michigan.  It's similar to a renaissance festival, but focuses on the lifestyle of settlers and military personnel during the Great Lakes fur trade era.

Thanks to my hubby, a most excellent portrait and live model artist, this gentleman's right eye is no longer in the center of his forehead.  I appreciate you, Tim.

I also appreciate the excellent demo conducted by artist Celeste Bergin (Celeste Bergin) at a meeting Tim and I attended this morning (Alla Prima Portland).  Celeste demonstrated the oil glazing technique.

Since the values in this painting are a little weak, I thought I'd experiment with this lesson after the painting dries.  I will post the before and after results soon.

 Thanks, Celeste, and good luck with the 30 30 Challenge.


  1. Finally got to your blog to check out your paintings and wow wonderful stuff, you have mastered that palette knife and your inspiring me to think about trying it again. Only sad that your no longer here in Michigan.

  2. Thanks, Darlene. Yeah, try it again. It's really fun - usually.

    And I see all the great stuff happening in Michigan and Ohio and feel a little homesick, but we're really happy here. SO much interest in the arts & beautiful country.

    It would be fun to get back for a workshop. I'll be watching you guys and hoping something will pop up for us.