Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kristen and Kelly's Trip to Portland - Going Home

We had an easy drive to Kristen and Kelly's hotel this Sunday morning.

They were ready (almost) to go to the airport, and it was a leisurely drive with lots of smiles and promises to come back.

When Kelly and Kristen arrived in Portland, they came bearing gifts.

Alcohol Ink - Kristen Dukat

Earrings by Kelly - SO much more beautiful in person

They also brought a box of Dietsch Brothers gourmet truffles, but it mysteriously disappeared before I could photograph it.

When they left, we were gifted with this beautiful framed glass piece by Kristen,

more alcohol inks / supplies, and personal notes that brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you, guys, for adding so much to my life and my art.

See you soon.


  1. A fun way to share the time you had with the artists. I am getting excited about making the trip to see you guys.

  2. It sounds like you guys had a great time, and I bet a whole lot of laughs!!!! I hope you will come out when get together next time? The scenery may not be as fabulous, but the company will make up for some of that! I bet tomorrow you will rest, huh?? You guys are awesome, you went above and beyond, now sleep! LOL

  3. lolol, Yes, Gloria Moses they went far above and beyond, and we had the time of our life! Chis and Time are incredible hosts and tour guides, but most of all, really great friends....I'm sad to be gone, but know we will meet agaon soon!

  4. Tim, not Time. Ha! I think I'm still on xanax time....

  5. Hey Steve. Hope you picked some spots you'd like to photograph.

    Yes, Gloria. We got a good night's sleep, but it was more energizing than exhausting.

    And Kristen, thank YOU for letting us share the spots we love. I know we'll see each other soon. And thanks for the ink lessons. They will keep me going between the oils and batiks.