Friday, May 3, 2013

The Art Experience

Our computer has been a little glitchy, but everything seems back to normal.

No time to paint yesterday, but morning and evening were spent doing art related activities.

Here goes:

While backing out the driveway, we got the usual wave from this bizarre tree that stands sentinel at the corner of our house.


Down the road, I noticed a new car in the neighborhood.
I wonder if the owner is related to Dr. McCoy.

We took our favorite leisurely route into Portland.  Bet you don't have a
"Chow Mein Lane" in your neighborhood.

Despite construction, we arrived on time at the Alla Prima Portland breakfast meeting at O'Connor's Restaurant in Multnomah Village.   Multnomah is a little off-center, like most Portland neighborhoods.

A Mulnomah resident

After the meeting, we ran some errands and then came home.  While I put-zed, Tim went down to the studio and hung around.

A quick dinner and we were off again to the Oregon Society of Artists
 We listened to painting critiques, membership news, and then watched and listened as Andy Hayes, web producer,  conducted critiques of some of our members' websites.  

Andy also mentioned he has a new blogging series coming up on his site:
 It sounds great.

After the meeting, we drove thru the Alphabet District neighborhood to check out the night lights and noticed a new display in a store window.  Reminds me of an old holiday movie for some reason.

When we got home, Tim poured a couple of glasses of wine and we sat on the deck and admired the starry sky.

Tonight, we're off to the opening reception of "Reigning Cats & Dogs" at the Lane Gallery
(  The works of fellow artists Celeste Bergin are featured in the show.

Oh, and I just got a lesson in doing "Links," and a reminder that I need to shift to a left justified margin.

Okay, whatever...


  1. Your not only an amazing artist, but a funny story teller!!!