Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcome to Portland Kristen and Kelly

Yup, they're here.   Kristen Dukat ( and Kelly Alge (, both from the great state of Ohio, finally made it safe and sound.

Kelly was awarded the prestigious Palmer Scholarship from the Toledo Museum of Art to attend an intensive workshop at the Bullseye Glass Factory here in Portland.  Kristen came along for moral support.

Kristen and I met at a Carol Marine workshop about a year ago.  Kelly and I have been internet buddies ever since we both participated in a painting challenge a few months ago.

Kristen and Kelly actually arrived in Portland on Saturday morning.  They were unable to check in to their hotel at that early time, so off we went to the Portland Saturday Market for lunch and a stretch. 

After that small taste of Portland, we drove over to the beautiful Portland Rose Gardens to relax a little.  I'm guessing Kelly and Kristen had been operating on 2 - 4 hours sleep, and had been traveling on and off the plane for about 12 hours now.

Kristen was actually so relaxed she fell asleep in the back of the car right about the time we returned to the hotel.

On Sunday, not too early, we were off to the Columbia River Gorge.  It was the perfect magical, misty morning; in other words, really bad hair weather.

Part of the scenic highway was closed for repair, but we weren't disappointed since we still had access to all of the falls. 

Multnomah Falls
Did you know tree fairies disguised as 3 year old girls hide in the trunks of the ancient cedars on the way up to Multnomah Falls?  Well, not really.  Unfortunately, I missed a photo op of a little fairy princess on the trail and I only mention it to cement this sweet memory in my mind.

By this time, we were talking about how the first Twilight movie had been filmed in this area.
So, while hiking down one of the trails, I was startled when someone (I think it was Kristen) screamed, "Wolf!"  

I was waiting to see one of the Twilight guys

jump out of the bushes, but all that appeared was a German Shepherd puppy.

Well, okay, so maybe he was a little bigger than this guy.
 In fairness, the puppy was off-leash and bounding directly toward us.   Luckily, we managed to stay on the trail, flip flops and all, without further incident.

After that, we drove over to the Carver Cafe, famous (or infamous) for being used in some scenes in the first Twilight movie.

Then we drove across the street to the Stone Cliff Inn where we watched Kelly sparkle in the sunlight (Kristen will have to explain that one).

So, anyone who knows these two artists is probably wondering why these photos are so "tame." 

Well, I'm still getting to know them, but I'm betting by the end of the week I'll have some pretty interesting candid shots.  Just don't warn them, please.


  1. Those pictures are awesome, Chris..what beautiful country! And to have those two girls with fun. It looks like they're behaving, too. At least for now!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your story. This is the way to draw a reader into a fun retelling of the visit. I am ready for the next chapter.

  3. Yeah, Laurie, they are sort of behaving.

    And thanks, Steve. I'm ready for the next installment, too.

  4. I'm Lol! That is so funny, you will have stories. Because behaving? LOL!!!

  5. Chris thank you so much for taking us all over the place, we are having so much fun! And you are so kind to tell everyone how well behaved we are. Muwahaha

  6. Fabulous pictures Chris! And love the narrative! Makes me feel like I am there.....jealous, jealous! Glad you girls are having so.much fun! Be safe. Take care. And post more! Lol!