Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Artful Weekend

At the moment, we've got out of town company staying at our house.  Good thing he's interested in art.

This morning, we hopped in the car and drove over to the OSA ( and watched Portland artist Dave McBride give a presentation on plein air painting in inclement weather.

Dave knows all about this.  Tim and I joined Dave, his lovely wife Char and artist Joanne Kollman for my first outdoor painting adventure on Sauvie Island last summer.  We set up our easels and were enjoying the beautiful evening until the black clouds came rolling in and the cows started RUNNING back to the barn. 

Tim, Joanne, Char and I figured the cows were probably smarter than they looked.  We headed directly back to the car.  Dave was the last man standing and finished an awesome painting.  He paints year round here in the Pacific Northwest, so he's officially qualified to give the talk.
Dave - Sauvie Island / Summer 2013

Dave at the OSA this AM
You can check out Dave McBride's work here:

We've got a nice weekend planned with a couple of artists receptions and the Columbia River Gorge Artists Studio Tours (   Thankfully, the weather has promised to cooperate.

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  1. An Artful Weekend with Dave and Mother Nature...sounds like great fun!