Friday, April 24, 2015

Frugal Friday in the Garden

Like many families, we are being financially stretched till it hurts, so Friday sounds like a good day to write about frugal projects around the house and garden.

Local garden center - great place to get ideas

The current dilemma is to create a garden that satisfies our need for a  more self-sufficient lifestyle.  But that doesn't mean it can't have a little panache.   I have a $75 budget for this season's "creative flair" part of the plan, and hope to spend less.

Not in the budget at the moment

Maybe in the budget

Last week our community hosted a bulk pick-up day.  We hit the neighborhood the night before the big event to see what early pickings we could find at the curb. 

My husband was embarrassed, but agreed to drive the "getaway" car.  Since I am my mother's daughter, I went boldly into the setting sun and found these terracotta pots  -  FREE -FREE - FREE!

Free pots - a good way to start


More free pots

So what to do with all these pots?  One of my favorite gardening sites is Gardenista.  They have ideas on color washing, creating mosaics and painting terracotta pots.  I really like mossy containers,  too.

Two of these largest pots will hold dwarf trees:  a fig tree and an olive tree.

The rest of the pots will be homes for flowers and herbs.

Morning glories

There's more where these came from.

This weekend, I'm planning to visit some yard sales.  This will give me something to write about next Frugal Friday;  ah, yeah - that's my excuse. 


  1. What a lovely post, Chris!
    I love finding nice and free things at yard sales...
    Hope you will show us your garden once the flowers are in full bloom

  2. Thanks, Martine. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I have some good photos.

  3. Lots of goodies, lucky you! I love yard sales or garage sales as they call it here. I always find some nice and original stuff. This future garden looks quite promising. Have fun! :)

  4. I love this post, Chris! I have always had to be frugal due to low finances, but thanks to dollar stores and thrift shops, and some weekly grocery specials, I am managing...and happily. I love thrift stores. Your photos are beautiful! :)

  5. What great pots you found. I got the gardening bug a couple of weeks ago, but we got cold weather again this week. Thanks for the tip on the gardening site.

  6. Oh I cannot wait to see what you do with the pots!! Some of them are gorgeous as is! The round one and little yellow one next to for example. Frugal is the name of the game for me too!

  7. Thanks, Helen! You understand...

  8. Thanks, Linda. I'm hitting the thrift stores, but forgot about dollar stores! Thanks!!

  9. Thanks, M.D. I keep waiting to fill the pots because I'm scared of an unexpected nip in the air. That lesson has been learned.

  10. I can't wait to see what I do with the pots either, Sherry. I just love mossy pots, but I'll probably paint a couple of them. There's so much info on the internet to help. My husband wants to fill all of the pots with food, but the flowers will make their way in there, too.

  11. I am sure you will have a fabulous garden, Chris ..
    The "free pots" are very nice and I hope you show what you have planted in them.
    I have some herbs and starter plants in my greenhouse (hubby built it last year and I love it) and will plant them soon in the garden.

    I love yard sales and have found some great buys at them ...

    Have a great weekend ...

  12. Wonderful post Chris. I see beautiful colors everywhere.
    I look forward to seeing some gorgeous flowers in your pots.

  13. Thanks, Margie. A greenhouse - on the wish list! I've never seen one I didn't love. What a thoughtful hubby!!

  14. Thanks, Hilda. Think I've got enough pots. Now the flowers...

  15. what's not to like about free!!- these look great and so do you photos. always good color and composition

  16. Thanks, Mary. You make me smile; you're always thinking like an artist.

  17. Dear Chris-I am going to enjoy reading your gardening posts. Already I am loving the terra cotta pots. Who can resist free. I save many annual seeds in the fall. Just dead head the flowers and let them dry and store in a cool dry spot over winter. Keeps my seed spending down. Let me know if in the fall you can use any. I just love to share. Hope you have lots of fun with those pots. Hugs!