Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Memory Lane

Alcohol Ink on 4X4 Tile     These are usually mounted into simple black floater frames and look pretty when grouped together on a wall.   This tile was inked last night.


About two years ago,  Ohio artists Kristen Dukat and Kelly Alge visited Portland - Kelly on business and Kristen for moral support.  To read about our week long adventures, click here:  http://chrislally.blogspot.com/2013/05/welcome-to-portland-kristen-and-kelly.html.

During that time, Kristen and Kelly introduced me to alcohol inks.   Ink projects are not necessarily what people think of as "fine art," but they are definitely "fun art."  Alcohol ink paintings also have a glow that is hard to replicate with other mediums.

Here are a couple of beginner pieces.
Alcohol Ink on Yupo - 5X7
Alcohol Ink on Yupo - 5X7
My lesson with inks is to allow the image to emerge and to practice non-attachment; in other words, they can be tough for someone who has control issues.  If you're on a quest for perfection, inks can be a challenge, but a fun one.
Artist June Rollins started the alcohol ink craze.  She offers free demos for you on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=june+rollins

Painting has taken a back seat to getting things done around the house, but that's no excuse not to find the time to do something artsy.  Alcohol inks satisfy my need for expression and the need to give my critical mind a break.

Don't forget to wear gloves.


  1. Chris, I love them all, but the last one really stands out for me. Gorgeous! :)

  2. Thanks, Linda. I like that crazy color combination.

  3. Chris, I really like the last painting ... the colors just pop ...I love color!

    Great work, all around though ...

    And, oh, yes, wear gloves ...LOL

  4. Love this. Especially love the time with you and Tim in Portland and teaching you both in the hotel room. Great memories!

  5. What gorgeous luminescence in these pieces! I have to say I like the effects this alcohol ink brings to a piece. Love your colors here, Chris!

  6. Color makes my heart beat faster so I sure responded
    to the glorious impact of this.
    Good for the artistic soul to explore and be free so I say have at it. When you can turn out work like this it becomes fine art to me. Art is all about our heart and how we respond to it anyway.
    Wonderful post with lots of great info. Thanks, Chris....I will remember the gloves!

  7. Thanks, Margie. The camera doesn't pick up the glow of the inks. It doesn't matter who does them; they are really pretty.

  8. Why thank you, Miss Kristen. You probably have most of the Midwest doing inks by now. Great memories for us, too!!

    1. Lol not the whole Midwest! Started teaching it again recently after a long battle to win back my trademark and what I started.

  9. Thanks, Sherry. They're really messy and fun, so they bring out the little kid in people.

  10. Beautiful colors and love the designs...nice work!

  11. I love these ink paintings, especially the one in the center. Is it a seascape? A dunescape? It's both, in my mind.

    I have a few alcohol ink bottles I bought last year, but I've never been able to figure out what the heck to do with them. I'll click through that link to some tutorial videos, and maybe we'll see something fun come of this!

  12. Thanks, Harmony. It's a "beginner-scape." The inks are lots of fun, especially when you detach from the outcome. Hope you find a few good tutorials.

  13. Now this is quite different but most interesting! Love the brightness of the colors and the feeling of movement you've succeeded in creating.

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  15. Kristen got to me! Everytime I try to go back to "regular art" I end up back at the inks! And yes you better not have control issues lolol! I teach some friends and they can either take not being able to control them or can't. It gives some interesting times!

  16. This is stunning. Going to check out June's demo. I have been hearing a lot about these alcohol inks. Looks like a bunch of fun. Hugs!

  17. Yes, Kristen, the whole Midwest and probably the eastern seaboard... I'm still waiting for your VIDEO (I'll be the first buyer) and your book!!

  18. Kristen has a gift for teaching1 Yes, Kelly, I showed a friend and she sat in my kitchen for HOURS doing the inks. She did some pretty nice stuff.

  19. Thanks, Debbie! I think you'll love the videos.