Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Week of Batik

Watercolor batiks - in progress (sizes 8X10, 12X16, 16X20)

These recently finished watercolor batiks have been affixed to hot press paper with matte medium and set out to dry.

Some of the paintings were based on favorite old reference photos that have been scaled up or scaled down (yes, I'm a painting repeater).  If enough wax has been removed, I can easily go back into a few and add a little more detail, depth and sparkle. 

I look at the clock and realize these must be matted and framed by noon tomorrow.  I'm off.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Blog Topics for Artists

There are always times when life gets a little crazy and you're not able to post artwork, so I thought I'd share a few blogging topic ideas.

Favorite art books on your bookshelf
Favorite art magazines
A peek at your art journal
Photos of your studio / work space ( I mean how it REALLY looks)

Your creative process
Guest blogger
Your use of art prompts (strategies that prompt imagination & creativity)
Visually inspiring trips around town

Workshops you would like to attend 
Stories behind your art
Best art advice you've ever received
An art workshop experience (Here's a link to a Leslie Saeta workshop I attended:  Leslie's Workshop.

Leslie's workshop was in California.

Art blogs that inspire you
Links to Calls for Artists
Favorite art YouTube videos / podcasts
Favorite Artists from a particular period


Monday, October 19, 2015

Portland Open Studios

This was the final weekend of Portland Open Studios, so off we went into northeast Portland to visit the home studio of artist Shanon Playford.   Shanon is really prolific (there is art EVERYWHERE in her home),  and is a very gracious hostess.



 We left Shannon's and went to many more studios, but the visits I enjoyed the most were to the home studios of Annie Salness and Jo Reimer.

Annie Salness is an artist who suffered a horrible stroke five years ago.  She has had to relearn to talk and walk, and is now painting with her non-dominant left hand (and you should see how she's painting!).   We were treated to a great presentation by Annie in her work space.  You can find Annie's beautiful artwork on her blog:    You can read the heartwarming story her recovery here.  

From Annie's,  we went over to artist Jo Reimer's  house.  Jo's home / home studio is chockfull of incredible collage and textile pieces.  She also has some of the most beautiful art journals and sketchbooks I have ever seen.  I'm glad to have recently discovered her blog ( because it is loaded with generous instruction and advice.

Shanon's open invitation

Although my camera died (hence no photos from Studio Salness or Studio Reimer) and I missed the party, it was a very inspiring day!

So that's it from me for now.  I'm back to a doing replacement batiks for the Lake Oswego show.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Java Tjanting

Today was a no painting day.  I was a little under the weather, but perked right up when the postman delivered this package from the Dharma Trading Co.

It is an electric tjanting tool kit.  The tool itself is a pen-like contraption with a reservoir for holding and releasing melted wax.   The nice thing is that it comes with two tips for different line widths.   The rheostat controls the temperature of the wax to ensure constant even flow.  I thought the rheostat was important because I've used canning wax (such as Gulf wax) as well as candle making wax for batiks.   These waxes melt at different temperatures.

Of course,  there is a learning curve.  My husband reminded me to walk (as in doodles) before I run.

I've been enjoying the work of artists Jennifer Rose Phillip over at  FuzzyDragons  and Sharon Veares on Art by SM Veares.  Both are participating in InkTober, an annual 31 day drawing challenge for artists all over the world.  It's inspiring, so I will practice drawing a little every day with the new batik pen.

Monday, October 12, 2015

They Were Framed

We've been busy framing, but managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the studio of artist Randall David Tipton during this first Portland Open Studios weekend.

The bad news is that we weren't able to walk away with a piece of Randall's artwork.  But the good news is that we placed a deposit on one of his beautiful landscape paintings, and that it will be mine (I mean "ours") next month!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

African Elephant

Out of the Blue - Watercolor Batik - 12X16 - Sold

According to National Geographic,  "Ivory-seeking poachers have killed 100,000 African elephants in just three years."  China is ivory's largest market.

Sometimes I like animals more than I like people.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bird Dog

Bird Dog - Watercolor Batik - 12X16 - Sold

A few more paintings for the studio show are in progress because replacements are needed for pieces that have sold. 

I went through some old smaller challenge batiks - the ones that I thought would look better a little larger.  "Bird Dog" seemed like a good place to start.

This guy reminds me of my dog Cobie only I could never get Cobie to pose with anything that resembled something to eat.  He's pretty food motivated, to say it nicely.