Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ah, the Weekend

Troy Laundry Building
Artists Studios

The weekend got off to a great start last night when we attended Troy Studios Spring Open House.

The building is in SE Portland and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  It used to house a large, mechanized commercial laundry in the early 20th Century.  Lucky us, because now it is occupied by local artists.

We visited the studios of printmakers, encaustic and fiber artists, sculptors, and painters (loved Joanne Kollman!).  While we weren't able to photo any of the artwork, we took a few pics inside the building.

Beats painting at the kitchen table...

This morning, we popped out for coffee at our favorite spot in Lake Oswego, a neighboring community.  Lo and behold, their Farmers Market was in full swing. 

I think Farmers Markets, in and of themselves, are works of art.

When we got back home, we dove into yard work.   
We cleaned up our landscaping, which had been artfully planted by the previous owners. 

Later I get to artfully fold some laundry, and then cook some dinner and make an artful presentation.  

So... even though I won't be painting today, trying to live an artful life makes things I choose to do a lot more fun and makes things I HAVE to do a lot more fun!

Hope you have an artful weekend.  See you on Monday. 


  1. LOL yeah, yeah but at least you guys have some really cool places to see!!

  2. It really is like living in Portlandia. I know I'm starting to sound like one.

  3. I think I need a trip back east so you guys can straighten me out, Gloria. :}

  4. I just saw this post Chris! Is this where we were and had coffee that day? I love that place. How's the inking? :)

  5. That's the place. And yes, we're inking. We have about 60 matted up so far (Tim 40 - me 20). I've also done about 10 tiles (frames ordered up, too). The inks get better - less fussy. I'm gonna e-mail you with a question.