Saturday, June 15, 2013

City Chicken

I've been working on a few oil paintings as well as inks, and lots of new ideas have been emerging. We've got a small stockpile of canvas boards and larger standard sized stretched canvasses, but nothing too unusual in size. 

  During our weekly romp about town, Tim and I stopped at Muse Art & Design in the Hawthorne neighborhood. 

 Although I was only just looking, I couldn't let go of a 12 X 36 stretched canvas and cha-chinged myself out of there.

Then we headed over to the Lake Oswego Library to pick up this book.  It's gotten glowing reviews by some artist friends.

Before leaving the library, we took a closer look at a presentation being given in the lobby.

Do you know Portlanders are allowed to keep three chickens in their yards?  In the city?!  Growing up in Detroit, the only chickens I saw were at Popeyes and KFC.

I don't know...  Somehow I'm not surprised. 

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