Thursday, June 6, 2013


Claude Monet, Self Portrait 1886
Although I'd be inclined to buy a landscape painting before any other, I've never been much of a landscape painter.  I really don't know why.

Most everyone in the Alla Prima Portland group paints plein-air landscapes.  Earlier this week, I thought I'd whip out a couple of warm-ups before next Wednesday, when the outdoor fun officially begins on Sauvie Island.

Well, I have a new respect for landscape painters.  Unlike most still life paintings or portraits, landscapes challenge the artist to edit out more information, to incorporate both aerial and linear perspective,  and to paint the transitory effects of light.

So, unbeknownst to my plein-air companions, I plan on being a sponge - watching, listening, and absorbing every bit of knowledge I possibly can.

Knowing these generous artists, though, I don't really have to observe in stealth.  They give willingly.


  1. Can't wait to see what you do, I seen your beautiful landscapes!!! Monet was the first painter I fell in love with!

  2. Thanks, Gloria, but I've done like 2 landscapes.
    Monet was the first painter I loved, too. You should think about renting or buying "The Impressionsts." It's a BBC 3 hour drama starring Richard Armitage as Claude Monet.
    It features a handful of the Impressionist group and really gives you a sense of what living in that era was like.