Thursday, June 13, 2013

Plein Air - 2

Tim, Joanne, and I packed up and ventured out to Sauvie Island yesterday.  Just north of Portland, Sauvie is home to a wildlife sanctuary and a variety of fruit, veggie and flower farms.  It even hosts a clothing-optional beach (hey, it's Portland).

We met artist David McBride and his wife Char at the general store, and then headed out to a spot selected by Dave.  My camera could not capture the beauty of the landscape.

It had been threatening rain all day, but we knew it wouldn't rain.

Joanne and Tim in the landscape

The cows were relaxed.  This means it isn't going to rain.

Oh, no...  The cows suddenly turned around and headed back to the barn.  They seemed to be in a hurry.  I think this means it WILL rain.

And, boy, did it rain.

Dave McBride held his ground.

Joanne, Tim and I held our ground.

Our art boxes were a puddled mess and our oil paints mixed with water.  The paint would not stick to the canvas.

We packed up.  Our supplies were wet, our easels and art boxes were starting to warp, and we were soaked to the skin.

But Dave McBride held his ground.  I looked at his painting.  If mine looked that good, I would have stuck around a little longer, too.

Then, of course, the sky started to clear.

Sauvie Island asked us not to leave.  Too late!

Well, okay.  I guess we could come back.