Sunday, December 8, 2013

Katie Wilson

Oil - 11 X 14

This is not part of the new portrait series, but
I actually got the idea of doing the series after looking at Katie Wilson's blog ( ).   Katie is a skillful painter who has done some incredible collage and oil paintings.  She offers a free download of this technique on her blog, so I signed on.

This is my first attempt at Katie's technique.  I glued a variety of scrapbook-type printed paper on a board and covered it with clear gesso.   Then I grabbed the biggest clean brush I could find and slapped on the paint with reckless abandon (not actually part of the directions).  When dry, the painting was tightened up a bit so it resembled something recognizable.  I was ready to work on the eyes, but stood back for another look.

Not liking it too much, I  re-read the directions before "fixing" it.   Of course, I discovered I had applied the first layer of paint too thickly, so there's really no fixing...

So much for this painting, but I'll try it again soon.  Experimenting with new things always leads to new ideas.  Thanks, Katie.

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