Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Day After Tomorrow

When we get a chance to go out for dinner, I like finding a restaurant where the menu is on one page.  Unless I have a "taste" for something, making a decision about what to eat takes forever.

This is also the problem when I have to decide what to paint.  I try sticking to a series or theme, but then get obsessed with something else.  My "taste" for a certain painting subject has a short attention span.

So, the day after tomorrow begins the 30-30 Challenge and I still have no theme.  I've been looking all around me, but everything is so interesting.

Then there's that thing that screams the loudest...

Okay, I got it. That was easier than I thought.  My theme is "People and Animals, Places and Things!"

Hope to see you on Monday.  

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