Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Cleaning

This definitely beats sitting at the kitchen table again.

How do you like that floor to ceiling tile behind the black shelving rack?

Bought these flat files back in Michigan at a second hand office supply.  I love them.

I like art instruction books.  I used to buy them, but now I'm not allowed.  (I have videos, too!)   Thank goodness for the local library cooperative.

There's still a bit more that I haven't photographed - the easels, oil paints, "wax off" table, but I haven't finished the spring clean-up.

Almost three years ago, we left a contemporary house in Michigan and moved into a 70's house here in Oregon.    Our home is called a "daylight ranch,"  which means it looks like a one story dwelling from the outside front entrance, but is actually built into a hill so the downstairs walks out into the backyard.  

After we moved here,  we managed to bring most of the main level into the 21st century.  Unfortunately,  the downstairs has been left behind.  It will remain left behind for the foreseeable future.   The studio is downstairs.
It might not be the studio of my dreams, but I am thankful for the great space and all of the wonderful art materials my husband and I have shared.

For the last two years, Tim and I have attended Portland Open Studios.  We've visited commercial studios, loft studios, basement studios, bedroom studios, kitchen studios, whole house studios and garage studios.  Each reflects the personality of the artist.

So, this is a glimpse of my personal haven.  It's not a true glimpse, though.  It's really too clean.  Most of my favorite things have been put aside for the moment.   And I think it would be more fun looking at how messy it really gets.

 I'll keep the camera handy and come back with a couple of pics of the real world very soon.


  1. Dear Chris - Thank you so much for sharing your "spring cleaning" of the studio. So enjoy seeing where you create. Your shelves of books make me smile...many of those I have on my shelf as well. When I started drawing and painting I bought every book I could. Lately I have cut back. Running out of room - have a beautiful Easter weekend. Hope to see more soon of your working space.

  2. Chris, thanks so much for sharing this, I love to clean and organize, so I really enjoyed this post. Happy Easter to you. :)

  3. I was just thinking that I'm going to need some sort of flat files myself. I'll have to keep my eyes open! Your studio looks magnificent and truly like a work space. Your husband is an artist too, Chris? That must make for some fabulous conversations and quality time!

    P.S. Linda can come over any time and help me clean and organize!!

  4. You're a great spring cleaning lady Chris. :) I envy you and your neat studio. Lots of space and light ! Well I guess I should clean a little too, it's that time of the year. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you, Debbie. I recognize the same books on the shelves of other artists, too! Thanks for the Easter wishes. Happy Easter to you!

  6. Flat files are great, Sherry. Mine are used and a little beat up, but I just love them. Yes, my husband is an artist, too. He loves drawing and paintings portraits and figures, & he fixes my drawing mistakes.

  7. Thanks, Helen. The studio won't be neat very long. I'm blessed to have this space.

  8. This looks like a wonderful studio to me , so much space , and so many interesting books !

  9. A beautiful work space Chris! I thought I had a lot of books!!! Lol..... You're very lucky that you have a husband with the same interests.! It makes life so much better.!

  10. Thanks, Hilda. Having a husband who loves drawing and painting does make life better - and shopping so much more fun!

  11. What a beautiful studio you have, Chris! I envy you!