Monday, April 6, 2015

There's Something About a Blog

Is Facebook really like "high school on the internet?"    What is all this "friend" - "unfriend" business?   Why do they keep changing the rules?  Why does Facebook keep asking me how I know a certain person, what high school I attended, what my interests are?

 Guess that's why I just deleted my Facebook account. 

There's something about a blog.  Blogging is creative.  It might require more effort than Facebook, but the payoff is greater:  actual human interaction.

Alphabet District - Portland

I love reading other people's blogs.  I love how the stories of their lives are revealed bit by bit.  I get glimpses of who others really are through photos, thoughts, writings.
 That's what I'm after.

I'm seeking a personal connection; that's why I'm reading a blog.

Beautiful flowers called Acanthus.  Thanks, Lydie!
Local lavender farm during annual Lavender Festival

Wine tasting last year .  Never leave home without your camera

In general,  I don't care if you're pushing yourself forward as an expert on something.   I don't need to look at your mini-mansion or your rent-controlled housing unit.

   I really like to see what makes you unique and how you express your creativity - the way you arranged some field flowers, the way you braided your daughter's hair, your artwork on a silly rock - that's what I find interesting.


I like to see how you find something beautiful where you are right now - your babies "piggies," the clouds overhead your house, the quick dinner you just whipped up.

Outdoor lunch in Hood River (I did not whip this up.)
Food - I like reading about it, cooking it, eating it.

  It's fun to see how you notice art and humor in everyday life.  Have you just finished a great book?  Do you sew, make jewelry, have an interest in all things vintage?  I'd love to see a photo of your dog or cat or horse, pig, bird - even your chickens and goats.

Our dog, Cobie.   Found him at a no-kill shelter.  He had been there over half of his life when we adopted him.  He's now grayer (like me) and a bit lumpy and bumpy.

Do you like spending time outside?  Not like I do this all the time, but day long field trips in NW Oregon are fun.

Hiking in the gorge  - behind Horseshoe Falls

Oregon coast - Hug Point

University of Oregon - Eugene  /  They love their football.  (I don't, but they do.)

By blogging, I've made friends and connections I will always cherish.  

Maybe the photos suggest I have a great life.   Is it perfect?  Of course not.   Do I have as many problems as you do - health problems, financial problems, worry over loved ones?  I bet I do.  But that's where  the friends come in.

And then there's the art blog.  Some artists feel their artwork should stand alone; speak for itself as it does on a website.   That's cool.  Your artwork absolutely reveals something about you.   I  love looking at it!

But I still prefer a more personal connection.  I love writing on a blog because blogging is real.

Oh, and by the way, my daughter said while I'm getting real, I need to remove my 10-year-old profile picture from the blog and post a current one.


Taken last summer halfway up Mt. Hood

Taken last week - Carver Cafe (That's Tim)

Hoping to get back to painting this week.  If not,
maybe I'll just kick back and look at your blog.


  1. Great photos. I especially like the cloud one. I'm also guilty of using an old photo, but it's only a few years old, I think. Maybe I can get away with it for a while yet.

  2. Thanks, Melanie. I would have used that photo forever if I could have gotten away with it. It will disappear in a few weeks.

  3. This was a lot of fun to read and I very much agree! Facebook actually does remind me of circling the football field on game nights or mingling at a very large party, but my blog...that's dropping by for coffee. my blog world is my neighborhood.

  4. Chris, I am so happy to see a post from you! Your photos are just beautiful and the outdoor lunch...that salad looks delicious!

    I totally agree with you in reference to your thoughts on Facebook. I don't like how they keep changing it and even though I still have an account there I don't enjoy it nearly as much as blogging. I find blogging therapeutic, actually. Thank you so much for sharing, and thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog posts, it is greatly appreciated.

  5. Oh my gosh, Chris!! Your post is spot on with my thoughts on blogging and it is why I've been doing it for 9 years now!! Who knew? But that personal connection is exactly why. I deleted my Facebook account 4 or 5 years ago when I saw something posted about my daughter on her wall by her now husband. It was crude and disgusting (and she made him remove it - a joke, she said) and not something I ever want to see or read about one of my kids. No real people connections either. Yep...I will still to blogging and hopefully keep the friends I've made, despite myself! And by the way, I don't think you look different now from your profile photo; hair is maybe not quite as big, but otherwise you look the same to me!

  6. Oh man, I LOVE everything you wrote, and all the pictures (you look beautiful!). BUT I have to say, you really grabbed me when you mentioned dog pictures. That's it; I'm making a new blog entry today, again about my dog, who is a therapy dog. We're going to work today! He was born to do this.....putting his big blocky head unto a person's lap. The smile it brings is amazing! Thanks, Chris, you always give such cool things to think about.

  7. Thanks, Melle. "Dropping by for coffee" - couldn't have said it better. I'm happy to be in your neighborhood!

  8. Thank you, Linda. I don't know anyone who spends more time and effort pulling together such funny and heartwarming posts as you. I love your blog!

  9. Thanks, Sherry. Facebook was getting a little creepy for me. I'm so happy to have connected with you! And about the hair - it still gets big when it rains! And notice the more recent photos are not close-ups; no more close-ups.

  10. Thanks, Laurie. I'm looking forward to reading more about your pooch, Wade. Wonder how many people know that much about therapy dogs... how they're chosen, the type of training, how long they are allowed to work. Bet he gets excited when it's time to go to work! And I hope to meet him this year!

  11. I love this post and you make great points, I tend to only talk about my art, but I shall introduce other things about myself too, what a great idea!

    And look! A new, up-to-date profile picture of chubby me (I don't care, it is due to steroids that have saved my life) -thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Rolina, you crazy unicorn lady, your new photo is beautiful. Can't hide that twinkle in your eye or your creativity! Thank God you're back from your illness! Looking forward to hearing more about you.

  13. What a wonderful post. I agree with everything you wrote. made me things in a new way.
    I think it is obvious how I appreciate blogging and the world of bloggers. It has been a way of communication about sharing ideas and support.
    I am not too familiar with FB. I post once a week and on a business page. I did ask a question a while back and promptly had to spend a lot of time liking and thanking them for it. I found many were not artists when I tracked their page. I decided then never to ask another question on FB. I would rather spend my time in the blogging format where you actually get to know your fellow artist.

  14. Why do I like you? Because you're so genuine...thank you for such a beautiful post Chris. I love how you got your dog....I found mine at a rescue shelter and hope that anyone who wants a dog goes to a shelter as well. Your photos are fantastic....I've never been to Oregon but after seeing these photos I would love to!! I use Facebook to see family photos but I don't contribute to it....yes... Blogging is so much better and personal.

  15. Thanks, Julie. Although I've never had a business page, I feel exactly the way you feel about the world of bloggers. And I love your blog!

  16. Thank you, Hilda. I think FB is great for staying in touch with family! And I'm so glad you found your dog at a shelter - another happy ending. Yes, Oregon is really beautiful & am so thankful I live here.

  17. Well this just shows how much I know about commenting on blogs! My comment never showed up from the other day lol!

    Chris, you talk about a blogging world I am not familiar with with artists! I must get back to it, I used to have several blogs before FB. At least we get to see complete thoughts and correct spelling lol!

  18. Yeah, Kelly. On FB, I would keep searching and searching for something satisfying; something I only got on looking at blogs.

  19. Hi Chris,
    I will miss you on fb but I totally understand. I have deleted and reactivated my account several times. I love your blog and glad you are doing what make you happy and fulfilled.
    Take care.

  20. Thanks, Trish. Hope to see you and the usual suspects in the fall.

  21. I love your post Chris!!I have been thinking about getting more into my blog, then I opened your post!I agree with you about FB..even though I will probably stay on for a while. I have never liked not having any control like I do with my blog! You are a great writer, something I'm not! That's probably why I've become lazy FB liker:)

  22. Dear Chris - I am right with you friend in the realm of blogging and my feelings about facebook. I do have an account there but very very rarely visit. I love blogs and enjoy like you - getting to know others through their posts. Time is limited for all of us and I just choose to visit my friends each week at their much more inspirational. Liked what Melle said - it is like dropping by for coffee at at dear friend's home. So glad I could visit you here. Hugs

  23. Hi Chris
    First, I want to say how much I love your art, I am so very impressed!

    I have been blogging since 2006 and quite love it.
    I am a poet and love to share my poetry.
    Most of the bloggers that started out with me are no longer blogging and I do miss them but I have lots of wonderful new people I connect with (and hope you might be one of those people.)

    I do not like Facebook and have not posted there in over a month , I still keep my page though as I like to see the pics my daughter posts.

    You look gorgeous in those last two photos ..
    And I loved all the other photos.
    Your dog Cobie is beautiful, my son just adopted a dog this week from a shelter and I am taking care of him while my son moves into a new apt.
    We named the dog Mac, he's been neutered but recovering nicely!

    So nice to meet you, please stop by for a visit, I'll put the coffee on!

  24. Chris, I get it, you are seeking a greater connection with more meaning! You are a beautiful, expressive, talented person in every way inside and out. From your photos to your art, and your writing; you have such creative vision. I'm happy you are going to share more because I always love seeing your take on whatever pops up in your world. It is one of your many gifts and we thank you for sharing friend!!!! I not a big writer, but I will be logging on more often just to see what is on your mind! :P

  25. You take the most inspiring and fabulous photos! I will enjoy going back into your archives while waiting for your next post....much better than facebook!

  26. Thank you, Karen. I think sometimes the photos and paintings speak for themselves.

  27. thanks, Debbie. Yes, we are on the same page.

  28. Hello Chris,
    I have the same flowers in my garden , their name : Acanthus.

  29. Thank you, Lydie. I updated the caption. Appreciate it!

  30. I looked for you today on Facebook and did not find you. I have a hard time following blogs and while I understand exactly what you mean about blogging and Facebook, it's Facebook that I understand. Your presence there will be missed. If I did not find it necessary for what I do to make a living, I too would leave the virtual fishbowl. Perhaps someday I will be able to. It makes me weary. I admire your willingness and strength to detach. I can't wait until I am in a position to do do so. Until then, I make art.